The Commune of Theme Restaurants
项目名称: 年代公社
项目面积: 500平方米
空间性质: 主题餐厅
设计小组: H组
坐落位置: 河南洛阳
主要建材: 仿古砖 肌理漆 户外木
设计时间: 2015年3月
Just as its name, in the commune is a very special restaurant in the sense of. Designers will be thesense of the times together with natural elements, create an elegant and comfortable dining atmosphere. Restaurant design made extensive use of wood, whether it is the wooden floors ordining table dining chair, or do not have the heart wall decoration, all show a natural and past love and respect, but also full of 70, 80's statements and miss.
Restaurant design not only to function, but also in the pursuit of visual impact and comfort, the two feelings conveyed in the same space without conflict, but be just perfect fusion. Specific decorationbrick not only to show the respect to the past, but also for the guests to the memories of times, andthe wood natural atmosphere to create a quiet and elegant atmosphere and soft light blend,providing a warm meal space for the guests; a plurality of wooden slats ceiling ceiling very spectacular, made by the rules of wood is also very innovative space, giving a strong visual impact.
标签: 主题餐厅设计方案特色连锁餐饮设计特色餐厅设计效果图
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