Commune Restaurant Design
项目名称: 年代公社豆花庄
项目面积: 300㎡
空间性质: 主题餐厅
设计小组: H组
坐落位置: 陕西西安
主要建材: 铁艺 彩色玻璃 户外木
设计时间: 2015年12月




Xi'an is a city with a long history. There are too many historical memories. As the city, the Southwest's commune is full of memories of the past seven and eighty years. Restaurant Design Based on the present, memories of the past, the modern design techniques and the combination of the era of subtle, to create a quiet and elegant and do not have the new idea of dining space.
Near the restaurant, "remembrance of what year the familiar taste found in the head, and a seemingly old bicycle is reflected in the heart. Both in the entrance to the dining room and indoor space, wood material carefully wrapped each place, give a person a natural and comfortable feeling, indoor decoration, wrought iron is also very interested and feelings until this, will naturally remember once the taste.
Green plants carefully decorated with this piece of memory space, added a fresh and comfortable; a sturdy and lush trees stand in it, sitting under the tree meditation, let the past good heart. To add a trace of a different kind of fun to the restaurant, to rose red light blue color of restaurant space to be decorated, really interesting, let people thinking can not help but jumps up to open, through the memory space.

标签: 主题餐厅设计年代公社餐厅设计特色连锁餐饮设计
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