Diffuse Time Coffee Shop
复古时尚 漫时光特色咖啡厅装修设计效果图
项目名称: 漫时光咖啡厅
项目面积: 310平方米
空间性质: 咖啡厅
设计小组: Y组
坐落位置: 河南驻马店
主要建材: 木材 定制地毯 定制灯具
设计时间: 2014年8月




Coffee is exquisite, sweet taste slowly after the tip of the tongue and taste buds and over time, the rest time. Diffuse time coffee shop store design is a feature space with culture shock, artistic atmosphere. Into which the foil gives a special leisure atmosphere, like a warm coffee in the flow.

Haute couture droplight, characteristic of Chinese style and modern style of the Ming and qing furniture, wooden partition boreal Europe furniture, impact, collision and fusion of various elements together to create a warm coffee theme environment, let a person experience the taste of coffee at any time.

The change of light and shade gift indoor space for dynamic and static, shaping and affecting the whole space atmosphere. Their spare time, sitting in the elegant and comfortable chairs, drinking a cup of special coffee, is definitely a surprise and enjoyment.

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