Haven Kindergarten
项目名称: 海文幼儿园
项目面积: 20000平方米
空间性质: 幼儿空间
设计小组: H组
坐落位置: 河南郑州
主要建材: 铝单板 GRC 玻璃
设计时间: 2007年3月




Brookhaven Experimental Kindergarten is located in Chung Dong New Area, the Yellow River Road and nine such as road interchange, is a Chinese and Western elements combined with the international kindergarten. Haven commitment to build the "sports and health" as do the characteristics of the park, so designers international range of children's modern fashion style into the design of kindergarten, to create a modern urban children's playground, become a paradise for children happy to learn and grow up healthily.
Kindergarten construction area of nearly 20000 square, is currently the largest kindergarten in Henan. Each building has a different shape, wall color is also different, so that the eyes of a bright! The interior design of the kindergarten is more simple and stylish, which tends to be more internationalized. Into the reception hall, the red reception area active in the whole space, the enthusiasm of the atmosphere immediately over the heart.
Park is equipped with a number of features and functions of the District, such as the four seasons constant temperature swimming pool, roller skating rink, dance physique training hall, pottery museum, performing arts hall, scientific observation room, reading room, outdoor recreational facilities such as international standard facilities. Except for simple and stylish design, designers also joined a large number of bright colors and attract children attention of animal motifs in each space, meet the children learn the curiosity to explore the world.

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