RongXi Hall Villa
项目名称: 荣禧堂
项目面积: 900㎡
空间性质: 独栋别墅
设计小组: A组
坐落位置: 河南新密
主要建材: 大理石 进口瓷砖 线板 铁件
设计时间: 2013年6月



Because is the self-built, single-family construction form of three floors, with three generations in the planning, the theme of the villa design with new classical image amplifier, sublime hall impression broken out, the first floor. On the interior design considering the homeowners visitors more at ordinary times, with function of double guest to regional planning, and use of media, such as vocabulary, proportion relations, build luxury image.

First floor use marble parquet flooring, designed a greeter corridor, and in place of double guest to planning, to lay the field to the visual concept and style of the person imposing manner; 14 people round big table in the restaurant, and the level of the round mirror material smallpox modelling, echo contrast, fusion of open, elegant dining atmosphere. Aside to open the bar and kitchen defined, lead rich function and the fluid dynamic expression.

Orientation is different from the first floor is luxury, on the second floor plan as a quiet, warm. Due to the second floor for his son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter, living space, design pitch more young, fashion, simple, agile oriented; The owner couple is on the third floor of the main open field, mainly by the new classical luxury image as the main style, in addition to lie sleeping area, more planning such as multi-media room, gym area.

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