Villa Residence Compound
项目名称: 壹公馆
项目面积: 800㎡
空间性质: 复式别墅
设计小组: A组
坐落位置: 河南开封
主要建材: 意大利进口砖 艺术线板 天然大理石
设计时间: 2012年6月





As a host family vacation, blanc designer chose a texture, colour and lustre is like the Italian imports of natural rock brick laying on the ground, on the one hand is better than natural stone material maintenance, on the one hand, also can create a space the effect of the second half of the composed, half light, conveniently pull litre of vision height.

Modelling delicate and graceful and elegant atmosphere of the villa living room area, the design team through the exquisite stack of line, showing both delicate and artistic aesthetics of elevation, the sitting room advocate wall were also jump monotonous form of TV wall, with white marble stone fireplace for the leading role, enlarge the delicate reveals ark cohesion symmetry plane width on both sides, and the hall lively and special taste in furniture photograph reflect!

Abundant because of the space condition, the first floor above each floor has independent leisure field, including living room on the second floor and top floor has inclined top ceiling audiovisual room, whether it's family daily interaction or reception for friends were very comfortable.

The living room on the second floor with elegant rice grain color wallpaper beautification continuous surface, foil and the place such as the ceiling, reveal ark white classical lines of nobility, multi-media room has two big window. In the design of the villa, the decoration of furniture have personality taste extremely, audio-visual choose 3 d embossing leather base of main walls, horizontal zonal strewn at random in the wall, cabinet and delicate stage below ark with one, to display the beauty of height and mature process.

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