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静墨·心安 郑州银基王朝时尚豪宅设计
项目名称: 静墨·心安时尚豪宅
项目面积: 450㎡
空间性质: 居住空间
设计小组: H组
坐落位置: 河南郑州
主要建材: 钢镜 木饰面板 壁纸
设计时间: 2013



Want to quiet, want to dance again ink; Want like modern contracted, and the ink of aesthetics a bit boring, probably is this meaning! By blanc luxury villa static ink work provided by designers, fashion the hush of the black and the energy of all kinds of color ink, the life that occupy the home, in just the right balance, maximum appears stable and fullness.

Make dance after ink wit, wood bedchamber regression is natural pure comfort, omit redundant independent headboard, wood of a integrated revolve around the posture completely precipitates space, in the limited space, in addition to the men and women in sunny slope and master enough Shared desktop space, also effective use of the pattern of abnormal 0 and the hostess makeup between change clothes.

标签: 郑州豪宅设计时尚豪宅设计方案现代简约豪宅设计
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