Three generations of beautiful houses
项目名称: 张宅
项目面积: 180平方米
空间性质: 大平层
设计小组: H组
坐落位置: 河南郑州
主要建材: 石材 木皮
设计时间: 2019年


With the light passing by, what is left is the soothing temperature, which renders the life picture in the wood texture. Although it is set as the place for the elders to live, the overall style is fresh and bright without losing the warmth and simplicity. Blanc designer of Zhengzhou Villa Design Co., Ltd. makes use of color saturated software to embellish and inject the rhythm of light and vitality under the low color space tone; hand-made cement texture wall, carved with metal and iron parts to create a clear sense of line, wooden texture floor in the golden sun, texture out a scene of light and shadow changes, simple elements render a full of vitality of life texture.A

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