American Style Mansion Design
项目名称: 张宅
项目面积: 150平方米
空间性质: 洋房
设计小组: H组
坐落位置: 中国郑州
主要建材: 定制壁纸 进口石材
设计时间: 2019年


The owner loves the sense of open space. The design team of the Brandt mansion has cancelled the partition between the guest restaurants, injected a harmonious and comfortable American outline, equipped with a large number of display cabinets and put them into the cups and plates collected by the owner, which has become a pleasant daily scene and built an elegant and tasteful residence. By carefully combing the needs of the owner, the design team changed the storage cabinet into a glass door that can display the collection. The wardrobe in the master bedroom is also arranged according to the owner's clothing style, creating the convenience and convenience of the residents from small details, and assisting the owner to

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