Beverly Mansion Model Design
项目名称: 比弗利公馆
项目面积: 600平方米
空间性质: 样板间
设计小组: A组
坐落位置: 周口
主要建材: 石材 实木皮 精雕玻璃
设计时间: 2015



Shanghai Blanc villa interior design team to look for the luxury of this case by planning, building materials selection, and the details are visible between the soft furnishings decorate elegant gorgeous and classic soul, to classical style furniture and totem for the big house with perfect achievement assists, texture, characteristics of luxury homes.
The public domain is open to design a harmonious space series, hanging crystal lights and geometric modelling smallpox create suction eye topic for the living room, and the window design gives the space excellent vision and lighting, heighten the whole room exquisite design. The space to open approach, Blanc villa professional design team and Rome mining modelling smallpox column divided off, restaurant, perfect field configuration, also made smooth lines of homeopathy, to honour mansion success points, shaped living classical temperament.

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