Art Deco
项目名称: 一品花园
项目面积: 260平方米
空间性质: 样板间
设计小组: A组
坐落位置: 河南漯河
主要建材: 定制家具 大理石 激光雕刻
设计时间: 2016年

本案样板间设计以Art Deco风格华丽转身,一道历史徽章在城市中拔地而起。彷彿阐述那段光辉岁月将迈向新时代的熟成与自信,转入室内展现出的是经淬鍊后所沉淀下的内敛底蕴,勃朗样板间设计公司在现代与新古典之间,展现轻盈简约的「线条框景」手法,以简洁明快的线条语汇,让布艺与艺术品化身成装饰元素,生活在艺术为伴下,安排出一幅幅框景故事墙。



The model room was designed to turn around in Art Deco style, and a badge of history was erected in the city. It describes those glory days will move towards a new era of aging and self-confidence, to show the interior is restrained by the background tempered after precipitation under the Blanc model design company in modern and new classical, minimalist "light show" way to frame the view line, Jian Jieming lines make cloth and vocabulary. Art become the embodiment of decorative elements, with life in art, arrange a picture framing story wall.
With special shape and facade plastic frame, a conceptual interpretation of art to a proper extent, while shouldering the task of series of different materials, so as to switch the space expression. Marble TV wall and porch end scene, join modern neat metal sense, or straight or horizontal warp and weft between, in front and back stack visual level, interweave strong and powerful visual intersection point.
The main restaurant wall and the back of the sofa wall, combined with plate frame design, embodiment of a road art wall, abstract composition compatible with black and white plastic box, abstract art difficult to penetrate, also let the space suddenly swelled, as if to return to you in my heart that's good.

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