One quality garden
项目名称: 一品花园
项目面积: 250平方米
空间性质: 样板间
设计小组: A组
坐落位置: 河南漯河
主要建材: 大理石 定制地毯 壁布 激光雕刻
设计时间: 2016

Art Deco的建筑设计风格,进入室内转以轻古典姿态,体现层峰人士的生活美学。空间围绕艺术、绿意、生活三大概念,以线条语汇做陈述,变化出不同疏密排列与重叠组合,让光影做为空间催化剂,临摹出立体的墙面表情,收边处独具匠心,展现勃朗设计强调的设计手法。

顺应建案原有的格局规划,建立起各自独立的空间关系,却又能紧密相依。为呼应建案外观风格,去除Art Deco繁复的设计语汇,转化成古典表征,运用订制线板增加墙面立体感,串联起空间里的不同视觉重点。


The architectural design style of Art Deco enters the interior and turns to light classical gesture, reflecting the aesthetics of life of those who are on the peak. The space around the green, three art, life concept, in line vocabulary to make statements, change different density arrangement and overlapped combination, let light as a solid catalyst space, copying the wall face, edge at the show design have great originality, with emphasis on the design of Blanc.
Comply with the original planning of the construction case, establish independent space relations, but closely depend on each other. For the echo appearance style building, the removal of Art Deco complex design vocabulary into classical characterization, using custom board increase wall stereo sense, different visual focus in space.
The Blanc model to the design of spatial attention each detail processing method, let the TV wall give piano surface texture, exudes a warm feeling to Bai Guangze, seam forming linear cutting, carving idealine design draw simple neat, showing details of the show. Between the turning point, joins the clear glass to make the connection, displays the light and translucent vision, in a virtual reality contrast, contrasts contrasts the esthetic sense. Turn into the private sphere of low-key luxury can be found everywhere, using imported linen or cotton flannel mounting plate, in the light of the catalyst, let light with elevation movement rhythm, contrast a delicate texture, but also for the space to add a touch of warmth.
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